Fungus Runs Among the Leaves

July 6, 2021


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I have a healthy amount of plants around my home. Trees, shrubs, and flowers are all over my yard and in every nook and cranny that I could put something. I know a lot of people aren’t into the look, but I have always had a fondness of plant life. You can imagine my concern when I noticed there were some plants that had started growing what looked like a fungus under their leaves. My friend told me to call her friend who was an Asheville arborist.

As soon as I got her number, I called her and told her about the problem. She said she’d be over that afternoon to take a look because it could be anything.While I waited, I took photos of every leaf that had the fungus looking spores growing on them. When she arrived, I showed her a few of the plants and the rest I showed her photos of. She was quick to tell me that the powdery white spores were a fungus growing on my plants. I started to be really concerned and thinking that this was going to kill my plants. She told me that I just needed to spray a mix of vinegar and water should take care of the fungus.

I immediately made this mix and applied to the leaves of the plants that I had. After a few days, the leaves were back to looking more healthy and the fungus was starting to disappear and leave. I got a call from my friend’s friend that came and helped. She asked if the plants were doing better and I told her they were! The fungus was almost gone and I was spraying the mix on the plants every chance that I could get. I was thankful for her help and her knowledge. I won’t lie, I did ask about some minor things like what mulch she recommended for the plants that I had growing, which were all Asheville native plants. I am telling you, she was a wealth of information and saved my plants!