Different Types of Vinyl Flooring Available for Your Project

May 28, 2021


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The vinyl flooring s in the market today are far more advanced and varied than those of past generations. Vinyl flooring is classified in the category of resilient flooring similar to linoleum flooring. The difference between vinyl and linoleum is that they are made of different materials with vinyl being made using PVC while linoleum is made from wood, cork, linseed oil, and resin materials. Vinyl is generally considered to be a more durable and lower maintenance type of flooring than linoleum in that it is linoleum is susceptible to water damage and vinyl is waterproof. Because of this factor and the wide variety of different designs in which vinyl is available vinyl has become the more popular choice. Vinyl flooring is manufactured in three different predominant forms which are individual tiles, planks and sheets. Vinyl flooring is also available in different thicknesses and different backing materials.

The cost of vinyl flooring varies depending on the thickness, backing and the design of the floor. Vinyl can be made with the design be printed or an inlaid. Printed vinyl flooring is made using a process in which the design and color are printed on a layer of paper which is then fused to the top layer of the vinyl. Inlaid vinyl is manufactured by pushing granules of color through the top layer of the vinyl which gives it a design that has finer detail, greater depth, and an appearance of texture than that of the printed vinyl. The process using the inlaid vinyl gives a more accurate representation of the wood, stone, or other patterns more accurately. The cost of the inlaid is more expensive than the cost of the printed vinyl materials as the process to manufacture it is more intricate and difficult than that of the printed vinyl flooring.

You will find that all types of vinyl types and designs are readily available in the Singapore market that will be well suited to whatever your project type or your project budget.