I Have Been Fixing Up the House

January 26, 2021


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We have been thinking about the place in a short term way all along and it is time for us to make the final touches before we get it on the market. The big thing that we needed to was to find a good price on HVAC installation in Brooklyn. That was the one thing where I really needed to find help, or more help than I could find from my family or Jeanie’s family. Her father is a plumber and really handy in just about every way. He would come over on the weekends, tell us that he was ready for grandchildren so long as they went home at night and tell me what I should do. He would drink a couple of beers and supervise, which is actually a great deal better for me than it sounds. I have been out to help on side jobs, so I really could have done a good deal of the plumbing myself.

Right now the place is looking really nice. It is an old house, but the place had been well kept up and there was nothing wrong with it structurally. The roof has another seven years on it still and I put a couple of solar panels up on it, in fact my brother in law installed a small back up generator that is hooked up to the gas lines. The power has gone off a couple of times and it works great. It is not big enough to run the whole house, but it does keep the blowers working on the heat, the refrigerator stays cold and we have enough light for what we need. Last time we even had internet and there was hardly an inconvenience to be honest. I just need to work on the exterior which I saved for last.