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October 8, 2019


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Factors to Consider Before You Custom Frame an Artwork
Frames can be used to express your personality and also as a way of personalizing your space. In most cases, you will find people with the same set of couches, similar table designs similar wall painting in terms of color but it is hard to find someone with the same at frame as you. Therefore, how you frame your art will give a touch of uniqueness to your space. When choosing from the variety available for artwork frames, you would have to ensure that the frame will help protect you artwork from sun rays, and other things that may be of threats to the artwork. How the artwork sits inside the frame is an indication that someone invested some time in doing the artwork, therefore, it ought to sit properly. One should be careful about the material that has been used to create the frame, because if inappropriate material is used, the monetary value of the artwork will reduce, and also it might be destroyed.

Quality rag are available in different sizes and shapes and there are designed specifically to protect you artwork. The good news is that the Museum boards are not only designed to be acid-free but they also act as an absorbent the surrounding acidity, this therefore gives an assurance that you artwork will be protected for longer period of time.

When changes in humidity are of great concern, one should consider backing boards. An acid-free corrugated board is usually used for backing. Alternatively one can use a plastic board for backing. A tape is used to seal the board and also to protect the extent of air and hold the artwork firm.

Hinging, as in the selection of a frame, the hinging of the artwork should be custom made to fit the artwork. For the purpose of building the artwork, hinging is done to attach the artwork to the backing board. In the hinging material selection process, one should put in mind the type of paper used for the artwork in order to restrict movement over time.

Glazing is a widely embraced practice in framing, which involves the use of glass protects the artwork. The glass protects you artwork from the atmosphere and other threatening conditions or prevents moisture, smoke, and acid fumes. Plexiglass is also a good alternative since it has a similar look with glass, it is in fragile, and it is clear, also it does not break easily therefore reducing the risks of destroying your artwork.

Mats could also be used to provide an area where the artwork can be viewed without external destruction him of the nearby surrounding. One has to have in mind the size of the mat, generally, one that is bigger than the flame of the artwork is better in appearance as it prevents the artwork from being crowded.