Three Popular Options for Powder Curing

March 25, 2019


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Electrostatic powder coating can be applied to steel, aluminum, and galvanized products intended for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is commonly used for automotive components, road signs, street furniture, school furniture, and even office partitioning, among thousands of other items.

These types of powder coatings must be cured in order to be fully effective. Read on to find out how industry professionals perform the curing of powders necessary to protect items from the elements and general wear to learn how this is accomplished.

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat ovens can be used to cure powders used for aluminum sheet metal and profiles. The process involves the rapid heating of the powder’s surface without heating the entire substrate. This helps to save energy, making it one of the most efficient means of curing powders available.

Camel Back Ovens

Camel back ovens also provide an efficient means of powder curing. These specialized gas-recirculating convection ovens are perfect for curing items coated with multiple colors simultaneously. Since the ovens are larger, they can also be used to cure larger items than radiant heat ovens with similar efficiency ratings.

Box Ovens

Box ovens are used to cure exceptionally delicate or bulky items that require very particular curing times or temperatures. They are capable of producing time and temperature read-outs as well, which can be helpful when it comes to quality control. Since they are only used to cure individual items, they are generally less efficient than the other options listed above and are typically used only in special circumstances that require individual care.

Monitoring the Curing Process

Ovens must be calibrated every six months to ensure that they are retaining adequate temperatures for curing. The only way to ensure that everything goes smoothly throughout the curing process and that the results consistently live up to clients’ expectations is to constantly monitor the equipment.

Both curing temperature and time can dramatically impact the final result, so it’s essential that readers work with a company that is dedicated to both choosing the right method for powder curing and providing constant monitoring to ensure that everything is going smoothly throughout the process. Monitoring equipment records these factors, allowing these specialists to confirm that the conditions are set correctly depending on the material and the powder coating that is being cured.