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Hasan Isaev (Kazbich Chechenskiy) wrote in facebook:

"IF ALL THIS IS HAPPENING IN EUROPE - IT IS AN ACT OF TERRORISM, BUT AS FOR MURDERING 30% of the Chechen population and 42,000 children, it is called an internal affair of Russia!

As Rubati Mitsaeva - mother, sister and daughter of the Chechen people, who has witnessed the grief and the blood, tears and the killing of her people, has put very pointedly - "murdering of 42,000 Chechen children, the children of Beslan was not an act of terrorism".

Acts of terrorism are only those commited by Putin in Europe!"

20 years ago, D. Dudayev has said: "this war will come to your house, too, and then you will see what our mothers, sisters, children and wives have really experienced"!"
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