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ChechenCenter: With desire to support civil initiatives, we publish the letter of Chechen Mahmud Bagalov, citizen of U.S.- who together with the investigative publication about this how Chechens are tortured in Russian concentration camps- sends the letter to US Congressman Adam Schiff and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. 
Usman Ferzauli, Foreign Minister of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria's Government in exile has told there are more thatn 37000 innocent Chechens in Russian concentration camps.


UN Dear Congressman Adam Schiff

please check out my appeal to address UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

You are a representative of the State shall be competent in all domestic and international affairs.
The Chechen people will be very grateful to you if you raise that is described in this publication in Congress and control over about my treatment at the UN.
I, as a citizen of the US sending this publication to the UN Secretary-Gener al Ban Ki-moon.

Highly respect the Secretary-Gener al!

Please carefully read this publication and to take immediate steps for the release of prisoners of war of citizens of Chechen nationality from the Russian Gulags (Russian Guantanamo Bay detention camp) 
and deported former prisoners of all European countries to save their life and health.

Should in your personality as Secretary General, Point to the high authority organization under your responsibility for the crimes of a terrorist state Russia is assigned to the UN since you wrongly included Russia into its structure as the legal successor of the USSR.

Please consider this again what the UN saw the differences between the states Russia
as a member of the UN and the ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant)? The declared you as a terrorist entity. There is no difference, the same methods declared states-FASCISM.

Best wishes of peace and goodness among peoples.
Mahmud Bagalov

This publication is based on the documentary investigation is precisely the truth which Russia keeps a secret

"If there is a hell on earth, I - in this hell"

Letter of Mr Bagalov copied from here:

Publication about this how Chechens are tortured in Russian concentration camps"If there is a hell on earth, I - in this hell"

Я, как Гражданин США направляю данную публикацию в адрес Генерального Секретаря ООН Пан Ге Мун. 
Уважемый Генеральный секретарь! прошу внимательно ознакомиться с данной публикацией и принять срочные меры по освобождению военнопленных граждан чеченской национальности из российских конц.лагерей и вывезти всех в безоопасные для их жизни и здоровья страны.
Должен, в Вашем лице,

указать в адрес высокого органа оргонизации руководимого Вами, ответственность за преступления терростического государства Россия возлогается на ООН, 
так как вы неправомерно включили России в её состав как правоприемника СССР.
 Прошу рассмотреть вновь в чем вы ООН, увидели различия Между Гоударством Россия 

как члена ООН и ИГИЛ ?объявленное Вами как террористическо е образование. НЕТ различий, те же методы -ФАШИЗМ "Если на земле есть ад, то я – в этом аду" 

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