It is true that God's patience nor human madness has limit.

If, after the aggression in Ukraine, Europe faced the great war on the continent, the whole chain of events would only further convince the humankind of the progressing inadequacy of the Kremlin ...

Rubicon in this direction is Putin´s statement from December where he regards Syria as "an excellent training bridgehead" for the latest Russian developments of mass destruction with  using nuclear weapons there, too ...

Now the world needs to leave any attempts to "appease" Putin's Russia in the past and immediately begin to search for ways how to neutralize the global nuclear threat from Russia to our planet.

In my previous post I have outlined - in general terms - the story of incorporating "the Chechen factor" in the development of modern Russia.  The purpose of this post is to open the eyes of the world to see how the Kremlin is using the same "Chechen element" in dealing with its geopolitical objectives in the light of the global revanchism as it is understood by Putin.

Below you can find a short passage about the development processes in the Chechen resistance, in the Middle East and the attitude toward ISIS - Chechens ...

During two Russian - Chechen wars the Kremlin has killed all the presidents of the democratic Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, taking them even abroad (as happened with Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev in Qatar in 2004).

Some of them died, barely entering their office, as happened with Saidulayev who was elected president after Maskhadov's death in 2005. 



Doku Umarov was the one of long-livers among Chechen leaders; he died under mysterious circumstances in 2013 and became "a gravedigger" of the Chechen statehood.

He was elected president and the commander of the forces of the Chechen resistance after Saidulayev in 2006, but in 2007  he proclaimed  himself the emir of "the Caucasus Emirate" - an Islamic theocracy based on Sharia rule that united all the Muslim people of the North Caucasus. Umarov has declared war on "Taguchi" - all written laws other than the Quran, and added that all the countries of the world participating in the hostilities on the territory of a Muslim country automatically became enemies of the Emirate of the Caucasus ...

This was seen as an anti-constitutional coup by most sympathizers of Chechen independence, and as such, it split the resistance movement, and allowed Umarov to succeed only in one thing- to enter in a list of personal enemies of the United States.

In addition, these statements undermined the legitimacy of the struggle of the Chechen people for their freedom in the eyes of world community, marginalizing the resistance movement in the end and firmly linking it to international Islamic terrorism.

In response to a statement by Umarov, Akhmed Zakayev, General Representative abroad of Ichkeria  has said in London that all actions taken by Umarov for the collapse of the Chechen State are the result of the Kremlin's intelligence operations, and that he can provide proofs for that. Zakayev also predicted the coming breakdown of the resistance, which was, in his view, the ultimate goal of the operation.

An eloquent and for many people unexpected turn of this story was the coincidence of Umarov´s and Putin´s purposes in relation to Zakayev - the Chechen  most hated by Kremlin whom Umarov soon sentenced to death, while Russia for many years could not get him because to Zakayev has been given the political asylum in England ...



After the emergence of ISIS, surprising mass disappearance began among the resistance fighters in Chechnya and the whole Caucasus.  However, almost everyone who disappeared, appeared after a while with a new Russian foreign passport - in Syria or Iraq, mostly - in the ranks of ISIS.

After the announcement of Umarov´s death, some cleric from Dagestan, not recognized by all, was proclaimed the leader of  "the Caucasus Emirate"...

The result of all these perturbations was sad for the Chechen resistance and Caucasians in general, because since autumn 2014 until summer 2015 almost all the commanders active in guerrilla groups of the Caucasus swore allegiance to Al-Baghdadi,the ISIS chalif - and the Caucasus has been declared an Islamic caliphate by a new chalif.

So, at this stage, Chechens succeeded in their first attempt to create their free country ...

However, the number of Chechens, Dagestanians and other native Caucasian people in the ranks of ISIS is now estimated to be two to five thousand.  What can I say, if about 1,200 young people from the Caucasus were killed only in one storming of the Kurdish city of Kobane ...

As by waving a magic wand, between 2013 and 2015 in Syria and Iraq, the whole network of commanders of terrorist groups with a symbolic addition to their name "Al-Shishani" (Chechen – in Arabic):  Muslim Al-Shishani, Seifullakh Al-Shishani, Abdullah Al-Shishani came into existence... 



 The story of one of them, named "Abu Umar Al-Shishani." is deeply revealing.

 That man was Abu Omar al-Shishani Tarhan - an ethnic Georgian by birth and Orthodox, who served in the Georgian army, holding the rank of sergeant and resigned for health reasons ... Legend tells that it was the very moment Tarhan decided to become a Muslim and obtained the most important element of his "being Chechen" - fiery-orange beard, very medialized that became a kind of brand - sign of the participation of Chechens in ISIS ...

We can only guess what criteria the leadership of ISIS consisting mainly of military officers from Saddam's Baath, has used to appoint the fired sergeant known as unfit for action of the Georgian army - a commander for storming Kobane that as the most important goal of the Caliphate ...

The fact that in the midst of the battle for Kobane skirmishes began in several European countries between Kurds and Chechens, was predictable, for "the Chechen propaganda” through all media available to ISIS and Kremlin being enormous, and the Kurds were responsible for heavy losses among the inhabitants of the city - for all Chechens ...

Many point to the fact that in addition to Chechens and other Caucasians Kremlin managed to  introduce into the ranks of ISIS dozens of spies, agents and saboteurs as well.  The rumour is that this was a part of Putin's plan for multi-profile invasion into the Middle East and that's why Putin´s air strikes in Syria miss ISIS, but hit all the positions of the pro-Western opposition ... 



We can say, therefore, that the entire post-Gorbachev history of this part of the world, the emergence of Putin's Russia and its later transformation is in some way connected to the Chechens, for all the key events of this period were determined by "the Chechen issue" or took place with the participation of  Chechens on either side.

This is evident - the most active use of Chechen element by Putin for both finally deleting the issue of the Chechen State´s independence and for flirting with the global Sunnism (due to the fact that the Chechens are Sunni Muslims, who have won military glory in the Muslim world in two recent Russian-Chechen wars).

At first glance, the part Kadyrov's puppet administration is playing is unsightly, indeed: it seems, this Chechen speaking temporary employee is not yet satisfied that the Kremlin has used them in two aggressive imperial wars - against Georgia and the Ukraine. This Putin´s gang - with doomed mankurts are plunging now into the war "for Putin" against Syrians and Turks. This behaviour, however, can be understood, if you give them medical evaluation, for here "Stockholm Syndrome" is superimposed on the age-old Russian adverse selection in the Caucasus with its traditions of "the servicemen" and a special privileged status of vassals.

Putin, who is bidding on revanchism and imperialism in the Russian people for the approval of his own cult, became also the first ruler of Russia who went so far as to conclude a direct "suzerain-vassal" treaty with Chechens.  However, a factor that the contract signed with the Russia-friendly Chechens who have renounced the ideals of independence in exchange for life, makes the stability of the Putin regime particularly shaky.

But this is the subject for the next article ...



The international community should understand one thing: knocking "the Chechen card" out of inadequate Putin's hand, brings the world hope for a bloodless solution of the humankind´s problems called "Putin´s Schizophrenic Russia."

Europe and America (and the rest of reasonable humankind) should immediately change their attitude to the Chechen issue: instead of ignoring – that is so convenient for Putin - they should most energetically support the Chechen resistance through the establishment of cooperation with the government in exile of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

As soon as Chechens will see that the West supports them in their quest for independence, there will be the momentary consolidation of the nation and there will be no trace of Russian power left in Chechnya ...  Also, the issue of "Islamisation" of Chechen society will come to naught, because the growth of fanaticism among the people is due to desperation because of the military-political situation where Chechens were left alone by the world "face to face" with the aggression of the most powerful empire in the world.

There is a sufficient evidence if you recall that under the Constitution of 1992 Chechnya was "a secular, democratic republic" with no single Islamist in the parliament of the peaceful Chechnya before the Russian invasion...



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Mark Zuckenberg, Founder and CEO at facebook wrote the following facebook message to Muslims on his page.

"I want to add my voice in support of Muslims in our community and around the world.

After the Paris attacks and hate this week, I can only imagine the fear Muslims feel that they will be persecuted for the actions of others.

As a Jew, my parents taught me that we must stand up against attacks on all communities. Even if an attack isn't against you today, in time attacks on freedom for anyone will hurt everyone.

If you're a Muslim in this community, as the leader of Facebook I want you to know that you are always welcome here and that we will fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you.

Having a child has given us so much hope, but the hate of some can make it easy to succumb to cynicism. We must not lose hope. As long as we stand together and see the good in each other, we can build a better world for all people."

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The Government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria declares its unconditional solidarity with the Government and people of the Republic of Turkey.


On November of 24, 2015 the pilot of the Turkish Air-Forces on F-16 destroyed the Russian bomber Su-24 in the territorial airspace of Turkey.

Over the past two months, Russian warplanes have repeatedly violated Turkey's integrity. Russia did not properly respond to the protest of the military-political leadership of Turkey. Instead, Russian party continued trespassing Turkish air-zone.

ChRI Government declares that the Republic of Turkey, as a NATO member, responded adequately and appropriately on the repeated and provocative methods of violations of the state borders. Turkey, in accordance with Article 5 of the NATO Chapter, promptly put in prominence the overall command of the North Atlantic Alliance.

At the same time, we are puzzling position of some Western countries who are trying to input Putin's Russia, violating all norms and principles of international law, in the same line with the anti-terrorist coalition combined of civilized nations. The Government of Chechnya states that the Republic of Turkey, shooting down a Russian Su-24 bomber, negated these efforts and has saved the whole world from shameful alliance of the West with Putin's Russia.

Knowing the essence of Putin's politics, which manifests itself in a nasty and rudeness in international affairs, we believe that Russia will not be limited to the announced measures against Turkey, such as the food embargo, freezing of joint business projects, the rejection of the project "Turkish Stream" or freeze nuclear power plant, etc. The Government of Chechnya reminds that against the Republic of Turkey and its citizens Putin's Russia may use the terrorist methods of warfare, same as Russia used in Chechnya, Georgia and Ukraine. Today, it is the moment for the North Atlantic Alliance to show solidarity with Turkey and to demonstrate Putin inviolability of legal principles and the willingness to defend the interests and security of all NATO members.

Chechen Prime Minister
Akhmed Zakayev

Press-Release ChRI

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The appeal of the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria to the G20 leaders (German).

Die Regierung der Tschetschenischen Republik Ichkeria bekundet seine Solidarität mit den Menschen in Frankreich und möchte sein aufrichtiges Beileid den Familien und Freunden der Getöteten und Verletzten aussprechen. Wir verstehen und teilen ihren Schmerz, den Schmerz des Verlustes und des Schreckens.

Frankreich wurde angegriffen, ein Land von Wissenschaftlern und weltberühmten Kulturschaffenden, das Land der Voltaire und Balzac, Dumas und Saint-Exupéry, Hugo, Robespierre und vielen anderen, deren Namen in goldenen Buchstaben in der Geschichte der menschlichen Zivilisation eingeschrieben sind; Frankreich hat Millionen leidenden und verfolgten Menschen, aus anderen Ländern Zuflucht gewährt und ihnen ein menschenwürdiges Leben ermöglicht.

Wir schätzen die Haltung der französischen Bürger zum barbarischen Terrorakt der anti-islamischen Kräfte die unter Kontrolle vom Aggressor- Staats sind hoch ein. Eines Staates, das die letzten 15 Jahre nicht nur die Bürger der Tschetschenischen Republik, Georgien, der Ukraine sondern auch der restlichen zivilisierten Welt in Furcht und Angst hält.

Wir wurden Zeugen einer Entstehung der terroristischen Enklave namens „Islamischer Staat“ (ISIS). Die Regierung der Tschetschenischen Republik Ichkeria verkündet mit aller Verantwortung, dass der Hauptsponsor dieser terroristischen Gruppierung die Russische Föderation ist. Wir bedauern, dass wir nicht im Stande waren uns alleine der militärischen Macht Russlands zu wiedersetzen, die nicht nur Massenmord und Völkermord in Tschetschenien begangen hat, sondern auch zur Schaffung von Terrororganisationen beigetragen hat, um den Befreiungskampf des Volkes zu diskreditieren.

Die enormen menschlichen Verluste, die unser Volk im Kampf für die nationale Befreiung erlitten hat und die Gleichgültigkeit der internationalen Gemeinschaft zu diesen ungeheuerlichen Verbrechen des russischen Militärs in Tschetschenien, haben es dem Kreml ermöglicht ein Gegengewicht zu der legitimen Tschetschenischen Republik Ichkeria, nämlich einer Terroreinheit namens "Kaukasischer Emirat" entstehen zu lassen. Ziel Russlands war den nationalen Befreiungskampf Tschetscheniens, in die Kategorie des "internationalen Terrorismus" um zu qualifizieren, um den Völkermord an dem tschetschenischen Volk zu rechtfertigen.

Leider geschah dies mit der stillen Zustimmung der Weltmächte. Die Ermordung des tschetschenischen Volkes wurde zur einen "inneren Angelegenheit " Russlands und das Kreml Regime wurde zum Teil einer Koalition gegen den internationalen Terrorismus. Allerdings war V. Putins Russland nie ein vollwertiger Partner in dieser Koalition gewesen, weil es lediglich seine kriminellen Interessen verfolgt hat.

V. Putin, der über Russland seit 15 Jahren regiert, hat mehrmals wiederholt, dass der Zusammenbruch der Sowjetunion "die größte geopolitische Katastrophe" gewesen ist. Folgend dieser Paradigma die Politik Russlands in den letzten 15 Jahren wurde mit dem Hauptziel gestaltet, den im Jahr 1991 eingestürzten Reich neu wiederherstellen.

Lediglich der verzweifelte Widerstand verzögerte die russische Aggression gegen Georgien und die Ukraine. Russische Aggression gegen Georgien wurde von der internationalen Gemeinschaft im Geiste eines Kompromisses akzeptiert und die Annexion von 20% der georgischen Gebiete wurde Russland zum Ansporn die Halbinsel Krim zu annektieren und ebenso die Schaffung einer Konfliktzone in den östlichen Regionen der Ukraine einzurichten.

Zur gleichen Zeit haben die russischen Geheimdienste die Mitglieder des Widerstands aus dem Nordkaukasus zum Ausreisen nach Syrien getrieben. Auf der einen Seite war dies aufgrund der Tatsache, dass die Marionettenregierung insbesondere in der besetzten Tschetschenischen Republik die Verwandten der Kämpfer zu terrorisieren begann: es wurden Häuser verbrannt, Männer und Frauen verhaftet, gefoltert und somit Menschen aus dem besetztem Land vertrieben. Auf der anderen Seite, denjenigen mit dem Wunsch nach Syrien auszureisen haben die Sicherheitsdienste und Polizei neue russische Innen- und Außen Pässe ausgestellt sowie finanzielle Mittel für die Reise zur Verfügung gestellt. In den letzten 4 Jahren ist auf dieser Weise der ganze aktive Widerstand von mehreren tausend Menschen vom Nordkaukasus nach Syrien ausgewandert.

Und die Auswanderung findet weiter statt. Dieser Prozess war für Moskau sehr wichtig vor allem, weil die ehemalige Saddam Husseins Anhänger innerhalb des „Islamischen Staats“, auf die Kreml zählte, blieben hinter seinen Erwartungen. Ethnische und religiöse Differenzen sind die Ursachen, dass die Bevölkerung in einer Krise sich nicht konsolidieren und einen organisierten bewaffneten Kampf nicht führen kann. Deshalb hat Moskau den Araber versprochen, ihnen zu helfen beim Senden von Tschetschenen, die im Mittleren Osten als qualifizierte Kämpfer gelten und für ihren Mut geschätzt sind.

Aus diesem Grund mit voller Verantwortung behaupten wir, dass die ISIS von Russland konzipiert, erstellt und unterstützt wird im Gegensatz zu der westlichen Koalition. In der Wiederbelebung der alten Ambitionen der Sowjetzeit, versucht die russische Führung auf der einen Seite, die Rolle einer Großmacht zu spielen, und die ehemaligen sowjetischen Satelliten Staaten zu unterwerfen. Auf der anderen Seite, versucht Russland die Militärbasis in Syrien zu erhalten, um sich abzusichern falls die syrische Opposition an die Macht kommt.

Wir stellen mit Bedauern fest, dass die internationale Gemeinschaft eher passiv auf das Verhalten von Russland reagiert. Wir verstehen wie die internationale Politik funktioniert, aber wir können dieses Verhalten von Selbsttäuschung nicht begreifen.

Vor kurzem, während den militärischen Auseinandersetzungen im Osten der Ukraine, die russische Luftabwehr hat ein Passagierflugzeug Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines abgeschossen und damit 295 unschuldige Menschen getötet, darunter auch Kinder. Anstatt der Aufforderung die Täter vor Gericht zu ziehen, die internationale Gemeinschaft hat sich in kleinliche Auseinandersetzungen begeben, bei denen diese verbrecherische Handlung seine Aktualität verloren hat. Aufgrund des Angriffskrieges in der Ukraine wurden Sanktionen gegen Russland verhängt. Hunderte V. Putins Vertrauten wurden in den Sanktionslisten einbezogen. Doch V. Putin selbst ist immer noch von persönlichen Sanktionen nicht betroffen, auch wenn in ähnlichen Situationen die andere Staatschefs verschiedenen Einschränkungen unterliegen. Darüber hinaus er ist offen provokativ und ignoriert die internationalen Regeln. Er muss sein Spiel mit Sieg beenden. Eine andere Auswahl hat er nicht.

Vor ein paar Tagen, hat die Welt erfahren, dass Herr V. Putin nicht auf die APEC-Konferenz auf den Philippinen teilnehmen wird. Stattdessen wird V. Putin zur G20 Konferenz reisen. Es ist unsere tiefe Überzeugung, dass der Terroranschlag auf Frankreich ein Werkstück Putins ist um auf der G20 aufzutreten, wo er die G20 Staatschefs für den Kampf gegen die terroristische Bedrohung drängen wird. Wenn die Weltspitze die Bedingungen von V. Putin akzeptieren wird, in der Tat, wird es bedeuten, dass die Opfer des Terrorismus unter V. Putin vereint werden. Die Zukunft der zivilisierten Welt ist heute abhängig von der Entschiedenheit der Positionen der Westpolitiker und ihre Verantwortung für die getroffenen Entscheidungen.

Premierminister der Tschetschenischen Republik Ichkeria Achmed Zakaew

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There is evidence that the Russian security services control ISIS and that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, expected a terrorist attack that took place in Paris.

This was said in an interview with "Facts of the week with Oksana Sokolova" on Sunday, November 22, by Chechen politician, the chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the unrecognized Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Akhmed Zakayev, reports Censor.NET.

"I already have 100% proof that today ISIS is controlled by the Russian security services. It is part of the Iraqi military, who worked under Saddam Hussein. You know, they were allies of Putin and the KGB. And the other part of the North Caucasus was sent there once the process of ISIS formation had begun. That is why there is some influence, and it is controlled by the Russian special services ", - he said.

He also expressed the belief that "Putin expected the attacks in Paris."

"Political results and dividends of this event have been brought to only one person in the world - Putin and his regime. Therefore, it is naively to believe that it was an accident or a coincidence. In any case, I'm sure it was orchestrated," - said Zakayev.


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