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Sunday, 06 February 2011 00:21

A letter from Chechen diaspora in Norway was posted today on facebook in the group called "Independence for Chechnya!" which is one of the most active groups where people from around the world gather to resolve the Chechen-Russian issue and includes more than 2,500 of active men and women.  A letter from Chechen diaspora in Norway starts here:


Chechen asylum seekers from Chechnya and Ingushetia

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg
Justice Minister Knut Storberget
Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store
Labour and Social Inclusion - Rigmor Aasrud

Parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defence
Parliamentary leader of the Labour Party, Helga Pedersen
Right - Erna Solberg
Director of Immigration - Ida Børresen
Director of Immigration Appeals - Terje Sjeggestad
Country Info, Marit Mageli
General of Amnesty International Norway - Baber, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Bjorn Engesland
Human Rights House Foundation - Maria Dahle
Chechnya Peace Forum - Ivar Amundsen
Chairman of the Support Committee for Chechnya - Hilde Jørgensen

Request from Chechen Diaspora in Norway and refugees from Chechnya and Ingushetia.

We are appalled by the Norwegian government's deportation of 50 Chechen refugees to Russia 25 January 2011. In the shelter of all the publicity the case of Maria Amelie these were arrested at various reception centers and other places and brought to Trandum for express mailing. Thus, they have also deprived them of the common complaints possibility through the Norwegian courts. Refugees here was done completely without rights, and sent out as criminals and not as refugees in danger.

Chechen diaspora fears that some of the asylum seekers who now is and shall tvangsutsendes for refusal have legitimate claims to protection. The many reversal by the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) suggest a practice change in the UDI. But the complaints against UNE has been upheld in the courts. Asylum seekers from the North Caucasus to the rejection should thus be allowed to try things again.

Immigration authorities' practices with regard to Chechen asylum seekers does not only mean that Norway will send people home without proper asylum processing, and thus violates both Norway's international obligations and Soria Moria II's promise of a "fair and just secure refugee and asylum policy based on international conventions." Ultimately, this is about Norway's reputation as a responsible country in human rights and refugee issues.

The reason for deportation is based in many cases at a wrong assessment of UNE taken on the backgrounds of the earlier analysis from Land Info. The ruling from the Court of Appeal in January 2011
where Bakhtarysjev family upheld after three years of negative decisions, illustrates this. One of the most serious example below deportation was the case to Abubakar Muzjkhoev. He came to Norway for 7 years ago with his wife and four children. DForrige week Norwegian authorities arrested his wife and children - but did not get a hold of him - and sent the family out. A 11-month-old boy was sent out with burns, after he had boiled water on themselves when police Anholt family. They gave him only bandage, but not the medical help because of heavy damage.

In the case of family Baraev three police officers broke into the middle of the night and abducted the mother and child from the danger of violence. The man received head and spinal injuries during the operation, which can be confirmed by a doctor. The kind of violence reminiscent of the refugees have experienced in Chechnya when they were tortured by Russian soldiers. It breaches the European Convention on Human Rights and principles of decency.

This was the Stoltenberg government at its very least humane, something the political Norway can not stand by. We all have an obligation that this matter becomes known to the Norwegian public and the government forced to convert contents. The fact that the government reluctantly come to an arrangement that ensures Maria Amelie a solution to their problem, it does not provide a right to this brutal conduct against 50 Chechen refugees who need protection and will be in danger upon return to Russia.

The proceedings of the Chechen cases have not been prudent. Norwegian asylum policy is based on an inaccurate picture of the situation in North Caucasus, and must be changed according to realiteten.Tsjetsjenere ingusjetere and who have attained asylum, and their countrymen, who are waiting for a response from the authorities on the question of protection, are very concerned about certain indications that the immigration authorities and the Norwegian government intends to deprive them of their protection and the right to stay in this country. Whether this also testifies the refusals of asylum applications from newly arrived Chechens and ingusjetere, which in the past few weeks have been a mass phenomenon.

The word "deportation" evokes the historical causes fear for one's own life in the majority of Chechens and ingusjetere. This is because the world community is unable to protect them from the Russian government's arbitrary treatment. They have been subjected to the most terrible war crimes repeatedly in the course of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is on this basis, we want to fix your attention on well-known fact that clearly shows the danger that awaits Chechens and ingusjetere in case of deportation to Russia. Every day, more civilians in Chechnya and Ingushetia because of the Russian and local power structures' actions. Separate penalty units burning down the houses of relatives of people who are fighting against government oppression.

In spite of the Russian management's assertions that the conflict in Chechnya and Ingushetia is over, contrary escalated geographically and assumed the character of an extensive guerrilla warfare in the Caucasus region, which no one sees no end. Under the circumstances that currently prevail in Chechnya and Ingushetia to the deportation of our fellow countrymen who arrive in Norway the new tragedies.

Therefore, we understand the term "UNE believes that neither the security situation, the human rights situation and the humanitarian situation, alone or as a whole, suggests that it is generally inadvisable to return to Russia, which stands to read the rejection Chechen and Ingush asylum seekers in recent times has received , which is deeply inhumane.

On the basis of what we have performed above, we ask them to show understanding for the situation of Chechens and ingusjetere who have been granted, or need, to stay in Norway.

Our impression is that the UDI and UNE increasingly points to a lack of credibility as a basis for their refusal. Chechen asylum seekers are met with suspicion institutionalized, as it says they do not match the description of the situation in the North Caucasus as UDI and UNE assume. Norwegian practice is based on outdated information concerning the country between 2005 and 2006, and does not take into account new and disturbing reports from legitimate sources such as Human Rights Watch, Memorial, Council of Europe, the European Parliament and Land Information, the immigration administration's own Origin Information.

Council of Europe describes the North Caucasus as the worst human rights crisis in its mandate area, characterized by the "disappearances", killings, torture and lawlessness. This was thoroughly documented in Dick Marty's report was unanimously adopted at the European Council in June 2010. The European Parliament adopted a similarly strong condemnation of the conditions in the North Caucasus in October.

Amnesty International, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and NOAS has been highly critical of the Norwegian practice in Chechen affairs since it was changed in 2007. Because of the quick and often little-depth processing of the UDI, UNE has used disproportionate resources on the Chechen cases, and converted twice as many decisions in Chechen asylum seekers in relation to other refugee groups. In a verdict from the Oslo City Court last summer was a decision of a Chechen asylum case null and void and the state ordered to pay $ 200 000 in court costs. The principal elements in the main verdict is that UNE has assessed the credibility unreasonably strict and that the court rejects the UDI reference to the so-called internal flight alternative, that the asylum seekers to settle elsewhere in Russia outside Chechnya. We would emphasize that refugees from the Caucasus have very limited opportunities to establish a new life elsewhere in Russia - especially if they are defined as enemies of the Russian-controlled regime in Chechnya are in danger everywhere in the Russian Federation.

Among the Chechen and Ingush refugees in Norway, a large proportion of higher education. We have doctors, journalists, writers, agronomists and people with professional building and oil expertise. Most of us allows us to easily integrate into Norwegian society and could be of benefit to the country in the future. And we can jointly help those who have difficulty to integrate and settle.
We react so strongly to the statements from the Progress Party's immigration policy spokesman Per Willy Amundsen statements to TV2 on 31 January. TV2 brought "news that Chechen asylum seekers who have fought against Russian forces have been granted asylum and residence in Norway. Several of them linked according to the immigration authorities to murder and attacks on soldiers and policemen. "

To this says Per Willy Amundsen, among other things: "Potential terrorists are unwelcome in Norway. Russian terrorists are unwelcome in Norway. "
It is amazing that a Norwegian politician in 2011 can perform such allegations.

The fact is that the Russian war against Chechnya in the last twenty years is one of the greatest war crimes in Europe since World War II. An estimated 250 000 people are killed. Chechnya is now a corrupt and violent regime installed by the power elite in the Kremlin. Law and order does not exist, persecution, torture and murder awaits those who rebel against President Ramzan Kadyrov's regime and his patron, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

We can assure Per Willy Amundsen that Russia is not in any way leads a fight against "international terrorism". On the contrary, the situation in North Caucasus a result of state, Russian terror. There is a corrupt, authoritarian and oppressive Russian political leadership in the process and losing control of violence and terror in the Russian society. This is the result of Russian policy - censorship, Gagging of political opposition and killing of journalists, dissidents and human rights defenders and the absence of democracy and the rule of law.

We are strongly critical of that 50 of our countrymen were deported to Moscow last week. We ask that it be given the opportunity to appeal this with a view to returning to Norway and protection here. We also request that the treatment of asylum for refugees from the North Caucasus is based on the actual situation as the basis for the application for asylum in Norway and the real risk that may occur upon return to Russia.

Chechen diaspora IN NORWAY

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-1 #4 2011-03-02 04:10
DON'T curse the norwegian authorities!! They have done everything for many thousand assulym seekers and the consequences have been that all norwegians hate them to death!!! Norway is about to turn into a nazi-regime, they hate all immigrants and all muslim people. They want to kill them all. And they want to kill the ones who are in goverment for letting some muslims in... they are good people but they can't do it anymore, they risk death because of it. No more people must come to Norway now, they will deported or maybe one time in the future they can be killed.
0 #3 2011-03-02 03:01
Norway now is one of the worst country in the world in violation of the huna rights and the signed international agreements.

Norway has deported many dessidents to dectator regimes who faced torture and imprisonment with no mercy or pitty.

They treat asylum seekers as animals or numbers and no one can stop their terrorist practices..!

The agly face of the norwegian authorities is now clear and its hypocrisy also.

It is the enemy of freedom and the friend of the dectatorships where it send dessidents to face death and torture...!

I wonder what amnesty is doing...! and where is the role of humanitarian organizations which is almsot abolished...!
+6 #2 2011-02-06 11:07
Great shame on Norwegian authorities who sent those 50 Chechens to death or at least to doomed life full of fear and danger simply because of the Stalinist nature of the Kremlin-imposed regime in Chechnya. I wish this letter be spread over the world and printed in mass media to let the public opinion see what one of the most democratic and humane country turned into.
+2 #1 2011-02-06 04:35
good letter! Human Rights Watch should intervene this!

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