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Best, Absolute Safe and Free VPN that Works for Algeria 2020

December 26, 2019

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Algeria is the 10th largest country in the world and the largest in the Arab world and Africa. During the last 10 years, the number of internet users in Algeria has greatly increased. Due to political issues, sometimes government blocks local news websites and shuts down social medias. The surveillance from government has been becoming more strict in response to what as they put “terrorism prevention”.

Government don’t overtly censor the internet use in Algeria. However, in another way, government makes ISPs responsible for the sites they host, and asks them to take “all necessary steps to ensure constant surveillance” of content to prevent access to “material contrary to public order and morality.” 

The censorship belittles the right of the Internet customers for online privacy and freedom. People should have control of their personal data. This is pretty obvious that there is a need to look for a good VPN for Algeria.

How VPN works for Algeria?

VPN (Virtual Private Network)is a crucial technology for protecting your digital data, privacy and online activities. It provides a shield for your internet connection to another network by creating a encrypted tunnel, through which your connection to the internet can stay hidden.

What can a VPN do?
Provide security when using public Wi-Fi
Nowadays, it is becoming more convenient to be online, as cafe, hotel, airport, restaurant etc. nearly all of them provide free Wi-Fi connection. However, public Wi-Fi is also one of the easiest way for cyber hackers and snoopers to get into your devices and use your personal information illegally. Luckily, a VPN can help you to stay protected from hackers and other online threats when you use public Wi-Fi as its encryption is strong to crack, it adds a layer for your online activities.

100% Internet Liberty
There’s no law to ban VPNs in Algeria, so it is not illegal to use it. It gives you access to websites that otherwise will have been blocked. You will be able to communicate freely and not have to worry that your private information, online activities are being tracked by government officials.

Unblocked Websites
A VPN allows you to unblock your favorite online TV channels, gaming or gambling sites or access practically any available web resource. How? When you connect to a server, it conceals your real IP address with another one which located in the country where the server is. That is to say, you are “virtually” in another country and can access to the content that only available locally.

RitaVPN – Absolute safe VPN For Algeria
The top reason we recommend Rita here is because it implement the best technology for you to stay hidden online in Algeria.

Absolute Encryption
RitaVPN uses the AES-256(Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit )encryption technology that has a key length of 256 bits, supports the largest bit size and is virtually unbreakable by brute force based on current computing power, making it the strongest encryption standard.
Free & Best value for money
RitaVPN is a free VPN. What is more, it offers 7-day money-back guarantee!
If you want to access more content, you can use its service with the most reasonable price. To be frank, the most expensive VPN might not be the best VPN for your needs, as they spent tons on marketing may be the reason they are costly. RitaVPN does not charge more than the average price with their most secure technology.

Strict No-log Policy
Following no-logging policy, RitaVPN do not collect or keep any data containing personal information about their users.


Best VPN to Stay Anonymous Online For Saudi Arabia 2020

December 22, 2019

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A VPN, a virtual private network, creates a barrier for your internet connection to another network that has long been used to protect the safety of the internet. What’s more, it helps you to unblock websites and enjoy their services by digitally positioning you in another region. For example, if a VPN provider has a network server in New York, USA, you could switch to its server and be “virtually” in New York to stream and torrent major local content such as Netflix.

Blocked Content in Saudi Arabia
Geo-restriction is a mechanism that government and businesses use to block access to their content and services based on the location of the user. Many websites and software providers in Saudi Arabia (KSA) are seriously banned.

blogs, LGBTQ+ websites, adult content websites, or apps and services such as Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Wikipedia, Hub, Rolling Stone, etc.

Nonetheless, if you want to unblock websites or any of the above content, VPNs(Virtually Private Networks) is a way to bypass the geo-restriction while shielding users from undue restriction of Internet.

What Is a VPN? How Does it Work?
VPNs, also stands for virtual private networks, is a crucial and basic technology in protecting online security and privacy. It hides user’s real IP address and provides a shield to your digital footprints, so that you can access content that are blocked in your country while protecting you from undue access internet censorship. 

But…is it legal to use a VPN in Saudi Arabia?
I can hear you ask, is it legal for using a VPN?

Until you download one, you need to confirm the legality of using a VPN around you. In short, in Saudi Arabia, there is no law specifically banning the use of this type of software or applications. The government will not, of course, be happy to see you access the apps and services that they are trying to block. But if users access the pages and content that is contrary to the law, it is definitely illegal. It’s like a tool depending on how you’re using it. Therefore, if you want to see blocked content, it is important to use a VPN carefully.

Two men were arrested this year after appearing to kiss each other in a video posted on Twitter. Given that homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia, having this kind of behaviour in your post is risky, particularly because your content is online and can be seen by everyone, including the government.
So many free VPNs, can I use them?
There are many VPNs in the App Store or Google Play Store. People are tempted since they are free to download and use apps and services. The reason it is free, however, might be that the VPN provider already uses in-built third-party tricks to get your data and sell it for cash to others. Still, they have to make money. To sum up, there are three reasons why you should not install a free VPN in Saudi Arabia on your devices.

1.Free VPN offers insufficient security.
To make the cost as low as possible, free VPN service providers prefer to implement low-cost  encryption technology that is easy to crack. The risks are increased in a country like Saudi Arabia, where people were arrested for speaking their minds on the social media. With such intense restrictions and internet censorship in Saudi Arabia, online privacy, protection and online anonymity are considered to be the priority and the most essential function a VPN must provide. Data theft is not fun and user could end up get into jail.

High risk of Carrying Malware
Malware is any program intended to cause harm to the  computer network, servers, clients or devices. Researchers also found that so many free VPNs have malware bundled into their software, according to studies on free VPNs. All that convenience has to come with a price, malware can also lead to data leaking and computer damages.

Free VPN has more limit
Some VPNs limit the bandwidth and speed, with annoying ads keep popping up.

5 Reasons Why We Recommend Ritavpn

Free trial periods or money-back guarantee

Try a product without worrying your money is spent in vain. Sometimes, people who are using the same product could have totally different experience due to various needs, IPS, locations etc. To make use of the free trial features can save you a lot of trouble of asking refund.

No logs Guarantee

According to the 2.12th clause from Terms and Privacy Policy of RitaVPN, it guarantees no logs of users’ activities, and private data are not monitored, recorded,logged, stored or passed to any third party.

Strongest Encryption

A reliable VPN is equipped with a strong encryption. Encryption is one of the most common ways to protect sensitive data. The higher level of encryption a VPN provider offers, the more security features they provide. RitaVPN uses AES-256(Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit ) that has a key length of 256 bits, supports the largest bit size and is virtually unbreakable by brute force based on current computing power, making it the strongest encryption standard.

Affordable VPN Service

The most expensive VPN might not be the best VPN for your needs, as they spent tons on marketing may be the reason they are  costly. Not only they are famous, but they are expensive.
In the market of VPN, RitaVPN does not charge more than the average price with their service. It even provides a more flexible seasonal pricing plan for users.

A glance at the pricing plan of RitaVPN

7-day money-back guarantee

Dedicated Lines for the middle east

People who live in the Middle East, India or Indonesia can take great benefits of RitaVPN, as it offers dedicated lines from the Middle East to Germany / US and from Indonesia / India to Singapore / HongKong / US.

Saudi Arabia’s best VPN is less likely to be a free one, but it doesn’t have to be expensive or popular. As described above, due to the government’s specific and highly strict policy, the encryption technology to keep user data and privacy should be put as the first place. RitaVPN may not be the most popular and expensive one in VPN providers, but it provides a reasonable price with strong encryption to protect your privacy without worrying, which is exactly the most perfect VPN people need to access geo-restricted content in Saudi Arabia.

5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Options

June 18, 2018

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Tipoff Growth Marketing.

There are various things that an individual can take part in to generate an additional wellspring of pay apart from their regularly scheduled installments at work and one great approach to this is by beginning a business which may involve numerous things. For the most part, in order for a business to grow and get a sizable market for their stock and ventures, they have to advance themselves as that is the fundamental manner individuals when all is said in done can be aware of the items and endeavors that they are putting forth else they won’t have the ability to offer anything. A company that has a good marketing strategy can become quite popular in a very short time and attract a great number of customers therefore if you have recently started a business, you ought to make sure that you have devised a great marketing strategy. There are great deal of things that you can do to enhance the growth of your company and one great way is by hiring a growth marketing company to help you reach a good number of potential customers within a short period of time. To get more info. about different kinds of marketing, visit our page.

There are quite many growth marketing companies that offer such services and this will surely make it challenging on your side to pick which company to hire therefore there are some important factors that you ought to consider. Before you enlist any growth marketing association, the chief basic factor that you ought to consider is the measure of money that you will get charged for those marketing organizations which ought to in a perfect world be within your set budgetary arrangement.

Another important factor that you ought to take into account when you are looking for a growth marketer is their credibility therefore always ensure that you have seen all their relevant registration documents which can prove that they are qualified professional marketers. It is additionally important for you to be acquainted with the growth marketing company you want to hire so you can know how effective their marketing services are therefore look for as many reviews as you can on the company which will help you gauge the quality of their services.

You ought to also contact some of their previous clients and conduct a small survey to determine how effective the services they were offered were and if you are satisfied with the results, you can proceed to hire them. Preferably get a growth marketing association that has been in that business for a great deal of time since they will have the required experience that can empower your business to get a respectable number of clients.