Things Have Been Going Fairly Well

July 3, 2021


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I have to admit that things are working out for me right now, although not entirely without me trying to screw it all up it seems. I had been working as an emergency plumber in Passaic county NJ for about three years now, since I got my Master’s license. The money was good, but the hours were not and I saved up a good deal of money so that I could go out on my own. In this modern world you just basically need a van or truck, some tools and a cell phone. You can hire someone to answer your phone for you and sort out the wheat from the chaff as they say. That was when I met Jeanine and since then I sort of wonder if I am her pet or something. She can probably afford to keep me as a pet, although this came as a huge shock to me. A friend of mine introduced us and she seemed to be ready for a relationship of some sort right away.

At any rate I no longer seem to have any bills and I have somehow taken up residence in a guest house in what they call their compound. I suppose this place must have around 150 acres in all. Much of it is forested and there are two ponds and a lake. There seems to have been no fishing on any of these. I borrowed a fishing rod and a top water plug from my dad since I figured this out, almost as soon as I cast the plug was hit by a three pound bass. I reeled it in and thought that there were probably bigger fish in there and so I threw it back. Jeanine laughed at me when I brought back some pan fish and a bunch of pictures of big bass.