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December 22, 2019


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Disney VIP Tours

A Disney World VIP tour is seen as the best way to experience what the attraction has to offer. It is a tour package that accommodates up to 10 guests, and has a tour guide assigned to the group the whole time. You can have your tour customized to focus on the rides and sections of the park you are most excited to visit.
You need to budget for about 600 dollar an hour for this package, minus the pack tickets. You can ensure you do not incur high costs in the package by planning in advance, and by pooling together to split the cost. There are tours offered by the Disney Corporation directly, and there are tours you get from third party companies. Third party companies seem to have the cheaper packages.
There are benefits you get from going for that package.
You are better off choosing this option when your time is not so much. You get to avoid the long queues and at the same time, go for the rides that mean something to you. The VIP packages also give you access to the quick passages that the staff get to use. It is how you end up saving even more time.
There is the ability to skip the line. There is the allowance for you to use the FastPass line in a VIP tour. You may not skip the line to the front, but there is no limit as to how many times you can go back to the line. It is a fast line, when compared to the situation in the regular lines.
There is the benefit of going behind the scenes. You not only get to move faster through the park, you will also experience the tour on a higher level. You get to experience the characters up close, and see what they do to make the park come alive.
You also get to enjoy a VIP treatment. The point of having the VIP package is to avoid the usual treatment. They, for instance, ensure you have cool drinking water in the hot seasons. They also keep an eye out for your belonging as you move about, should you lose them. During performances, they will ensure your seats are reserved in advance.
When you look at these features of a VIP tour, it becomes harder to consider any other package. You will not waste much time, and get to access all the attractions you needed in that one visit.
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